Notion Money Saving Tips - How To Stay On The Free Plan

2019-11-17 1612字 English

Tip #1: create a new workspace

Workspaces are completely independent from each other. That means the pages in another workspace won’t show up in the search results, and you cannot link two databases from separate workspace.

Depending on your need, this may be a pro or a con.

If you use Notion for time/task management, then you may have to maintain multiple tasks databases.

If you use Notion for both content and management, then splitting projects into multiple workspaces may be beneficial, as you won’t see 10 “Design Doc” pages in the search result.

One thing for sure - the 1000-block limit applies to every workspace. When you start a new workspace, you have another 1000 free blocks. So give it a try.

Tip #2: merge completed tasks to archive tasks

For example, I keep track of my expenditures in Notion. At the end of each month, I tend to merge meal entries into a single entry, because I don’t care about what I ate a month ago.

I also have a weekly task to review all projects. After I finish the task, I will change the task’s reminder to next week, and extend the end date for a week in the archive task.

Tip #3: be aware of empty lines

Yes, each line costs a block.

Tip #4: use comments

I don’t use comments that often, but it doesn’t cost any block.

Tip #5: use attributes in database

Say, you want to write down the desired outcome of a task. Instead of writing a paragraph in the page, add a Text attribute for this purpose.

Tip #6: use shift+enter instead of enter

Each text paragraph is a block, but if you use shift+enter, it doesn’t create a new block.

The pro is that, when you drag a block of text, you move multiple paragraphs together. The con is that you cannot change font size, etc.

What a fun post to write!

Personally, I’m a very light Notion user (<500 blocks in total). When I do anything that I described above, it’s mostly because I want to keep things tidy and clean. But if budgeting is important to you, hope these tips are helpful :)

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